The Importance of Exercise in Menopause


Exercise is a great coping mechanism for the changes you may be facing during the most difficult time of a woman’s life both physically and emotionally. Experts have found that physical activity improves balance, flexibility, reduces cardiovascular disease, counteracts changes to metabolism and reduces the risk of dementia in post-menopausal women. Not to mention, all the other positive effects exercise has on your health and wellbeing generally including improved quality of life. There are numerous studies that reiterate this and the positive effect of exercise on risk factors, diseases or complaints related to menopause. It is essential for women to develop a healthy foundation during this time as menopause can last up to 8 years.


The exact type of exercise needed for these benefits needs to be a combination of resistance, endurance and general balance activities to help cope with the changes going on in your body. The style and intensity of the activity will be determined by pre-existing fitness and physical ability.


Resistance training is great for maintenance of strength and bone density. Women can continue or commence resistance training but may require modification to accommodate musculoskeletal stress the body is experiencing.


Other more specific exercises that will help prevent possible problems in menopausal women include pelvic floor exercises, core stability, flexibility and practicing correct posture and lifting technique.


Special consideration should be taken for those women affected by hot flushes. Research shows that a relaxation based method significantly reduces hot flash occurrence. Therefore, yoga and other relaxation techniques, including mindfulness, are encouraged.

A holistic approach to the transition into menopause is best and an accredited exercise physiologist can support you by developing an exercise program to prevent the onset of chronic and complex conditions often associated with aging. This is a time in life when you need practitioner’s expert skills and advice to work with your specific circumstances. Book an appointment with one of our pracitioners, including the accredited exercise physiologist for your personalised exercise plan, by clicking here.