Top Australian Made Mattress in a Box

If you’ve been following our sleep series you’ll understand by now the importance of having good sleep hygiene, and how integral your mattress is to achieving this. So how do you know if your mattress is ok or not? And how do you chose a new one? Should you buy an Australian-made mattress?

We know how confusing mattress shopping is so your local Osteos have done the hard work for you. Both Reena and Teille have spent considerable time over the past few months researching, and then purchasing, new mattresses so that we could give you our honest opinion on one of our most frequently asked questions.

Ok, so what did we decide on? The Serenity HLP. Why?

1.They are the only Australian made truly zoned pocket spring mattress in a box.

Who doesn’t love the convenience of having a mattress delivered to your door, especially during a global pandemic and with increasing lock-downs?! If you’ve even so much as thought about a new mattress then your social feeds are probably filled with ads from Koala, Sleeping Duck, Ecosa or Emma. The question is – are these all-foam mattresses actually good for your spine?

As Osteos we are advocates for a good-quality mattress that provides optimal support to your whole body, not just your spine, and generally speaking, this is best achieved with a mattress that contains a supportive inner-spring system. A spring system with individual “zones” ensures correct spinal alignment and provides variable support for different body parts: head, shoulders, lower back, thighs, and feet, for optimal sleep quality.

2. It’s different to the other “mattress-in-a-box” brands

It’s a therapeutic mattress. They have taken their existing high-quality therapeutic mattress that has been in production for 30 years, refined it and created an ‘in-the-box’ option. It has been designed with a team of allied health professionals to provide correct zoned support for the entire body, keeping the body balanced and upright and protecting the central nervous system.

Using the highest-grade Australian materials in their products, they have been able to incorporate a 9-zone pocket spring system that provides targeted support and pressure relief for an ideal sleeping posture, whilst ensuring that the manufacturing, compressing, and the delivery process does not compromise on the quality and lifetime performance of their mattress.

As a result, it has gained not only our endorsement but that of Osteopathy Australia.

Mattress in a box

See here for more information on how the Serenity compares to other similar mattresses.

3. It’s customisable: you get to choose your level of comfort

The Serenity mattresses come with interchangeable comfort layers for a firmer or softer sleep which can also be personalised for each side of the Queen or King Mattress meaning no more arguments between you and your partner as you try to find the perfect mattress. We’re pretty confident you’ll find a combination that works for you both!

Plus, the manufacturers of the Serenity HLP promise to work with you until your perfect sleep is achieved by allowing customers to choose different comfort layers and swap them over if they find the mattress they have chosen is too soft or too hard. Speaking from experience, the medium-density is perfect for most people, including Reena’s daughter, though Teille personally prefers the firmer density and had hers easily replaced by Serenity at no extra cost.

4. Its Australian made, using materials that have been chosen specifically for health and comfort

Serenity uses Australian Grade-1 steel springs manufactured using the right gauge wire and VPF manufactured foams that when unboxed are un-compromised.

The foams have been certified by the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) using Variable Pressure Foam (VPA) technology. The VPF process is virtually emissions-free making it the most environmentally friendly process used to manufacture polyurethane foams worldwide. Better for the environment, and better for you!

Body temperature is critical to a good night’s sleep, and airflow is vital in managing your body’s nightly temperature. In addition to being earth-friendly, supportive and comfortable, foam made using the VPF method is also highly breathable. The mattress’s advanced open-cell structure lets air circulate throughout the mattress, keeping your nights pleasantly temperature-neutral.

In addition, VPF foams have virtually no height loss, guaranteed less than 2% in the first 10 Years. That is less than 2mm, not perceptible to the naked eye!

All this is covered with Australian Merino Wool which is hard-wearing and flexible with a textile strength comparative to steel. Wool has tiny air pockets which allow the fabric to breathe and insulate. This means it is an active fibre that reacts to changes in body temperature. It traps heat during winter and helps air circulate keeping moisture away in summer.

Merino wool is odour and stain resistant which means it absorbs moisture vapour and odour molecules from sweat and only releases upon washing. They have a natural protective outer layer that helps prevent stains and antistatic properties that attract less dust and lint. Merino fibres are extremely fine, making it feel soft and luxuriously gentle next to your skin. The Merino wool cover is removable and easy to keep clean with a cold machine wash.

5. Its backed byThe Serenity Guarantee

Serenity HLP is a Melbourne based company. Their mattresses are made by hand, rolled on-site, packaged in an Australian made box and delivered to your door. Every Serenity HLP mattress comes with a guarantee that the mattress is chemical-free and crafted from the best Australian materials.

  • Endorsed by Osteopathy Australia
  • 100 Day Trial and Money Back Guarantee
  • Customisable and Exchangeable Comfort System
  • Free Delivery and Free Returns
  • 15 Year Warranty

We all know how hard it is to buy a new mattress, let alone one you can’t trial first so we particularly love that the Serenity HLP has a 100-day trial and money-back guarantee to give you peace of mind. Let’s be honest, lying on a mattress for 10 minutes in the store with everyone looking at you is hardly a good indication of comfort once you get it home.  Plus, with our current offer, you’ll receive $150 off your purchase and free shipping.

So are you ready for a healthier night’s sleep? Click here for more information and to take advantage of this offer.

Here’s what some of our patients think of their new mattress:

“Thank you so much for suggesting the “Serenity HLP” Mattress, an Australian-made product. We’ve had our mattress for 8 weeks now and from day one it has been amazing. We purchased the Queen “Medium” which is perfect as we both have back problems.

We have recommended this mattress to our family and friends, some who have since purchased and are equally as happy as we are”. 

Grateful Clients,
Ann & Greg, Wollongong