Paediatrics & Lactation

Welcome to the wonderful journey that is parenthood. Your long-awaited baby has finally arrived and with it a newfound sense of love, joy and elation. You thought you were ready for the sleepless nights and some marathon feeding sessions. You’ve quickly got used to the distinct aroma of sour-smelling milk following you everywhere, and let’s not mention your new found obsession with wind, wee and poo!

But what happens when that little bundle feels like a tornado that’s turning your world upside-down?

When breastfeeding is so much harder than it looks, your baby has green poo up to his ears, or vomits more than is humanly possible from such a tiny human? My guess is you do what most parents have done before you, you search for help. You’re given well-meaning advice from family and friends (even strangers).  You’ve done your research, thanks to Dr Google. You’ve seen Doctors, Nurses, perhaps a Paediatrician. Hopefully, some of this advice has been helpful and assisted you and your family along the way.

Sadly, many of the families I see end up just feeling more confused and less confident than when they began. How can something so beautiful and natural, be so hard??

This is a great question, and one with many answers. That’s where we come in. We are here to help you and your family navigate this journey. From support, education and instruction during the early breastfeeding experience, to the assessment of growth and developmental milestones, through to the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.

So if you in need of some help with:Happy baby treatment tongue tie sydney
  • Infant breastfeeding support: from latch and positioning, to engorgement, mastitis and painful & cracked nipples, to pumping, return-to-work, nursing strikes and weaning
  • Oral Assessment for tongue, lip and buccal ties, as well as treatment pre and post-frenectomy
  • Reflux & Colic
  • Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome)
  • Torticollis
  • Metatarsus adductus
  • Developmental hip dysplasia (DDH) or
  • Scoliosis

Then get in touch with us today on 02 4655 5588 or book online now. Some conditions are suitable for consultation online, so if you are not local to Camden area but would like some help and advice then give us a call and we can discuss your specific needs and suitability for remote consultation.

We’re here to educate and empower you to parent the way you want”