About Us

We provide treatment and advice to individuals and families of all ages and life stages. From as early as pre-conception and pregnancy, to infancy and childhood, all the way through to the more seasoned years of life.

Our mission is to help you and your family move from pain, be that physical or emotional, to wellness.  We understand that for many pain is not simply a physical symptom, but can be an emotional experience also.

kids smiling healthy families

Completely Aligned was founded in 2007 by Dr Reena Murray (then known as Camden Osteopathic Clinic) with a vision to provide quality professional healthcare to the greater Camden region. As holistic health practitioners, our team acknowledge the human body’s complexity and need to function in unity for health and wellbeing. Our goal is to see individuals and families move from pain to wellness and ultimately completely aligned in body, mind and spirit. We do this by helping you identify your pain, devise a treatment plan and strategies to address your pain, and assist you on your journey to wellness.

Our Clinical Focus Areas

Our team of qualified health professionals use their specific areas of expertise to assist you and your family with a range of health needs, including:

  • PAIN
    • in the body: from muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments and joints
    • infant feeding issues, reflux, colic, tongue tie, flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly), torticollis and developmental hip dysplasia (DDH) & scoliosis
    • infertility, pregnancy, rectus diastasis & incontinence rehabilitation

We regularly collaborate and consult to ensure that you are getting the best treatment and advice for your specific needs.

Our team are available now to chat with you and work out how we best support you on your path from pain to wellness – call 02 4655 5588.”