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Archies Thongs redefines the comfort of thongs by providing real arch support, personalised molding, and a durable one-piece design. Step into unparalleled quality thongs for your feet, available online or in-store today.

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Archies Thongs: Experience the Difference of Comfort 

Completely Aligned, your local Osteopaths in Camden, have proudly stocked Archies Thongs for years – and we’re pleased to finally offer you the otpion to buy online now too. Elevate your footwear experience with a touch of luxury that goes beyond the ordinary pair of thongs. Each pair of Archies Thongs embodies our commitment to your well-being. We all know you love your thongs, so if you’re going to wear them your Osteos’ kindly request that you wear these ones. Your feet and body will thank you!

Why Archies? Unveiling Supreme Comfort

Archies Thongs redefine comfort with features that make every step a joy. Real arch support, providing up to 2.2cm of orthotic support, encourages optimal foot posture, perfect for those with Plantar Fasciitis. Archies Thongs offer relief without compromising on style.

Crafted from a specialized closed-cell foam material, these thongs mold to the unique contours of your feet. Give them a day or two to wear in, and you’ll experience a level of personalized comfort that sets Archies apart.

The tight, stretchable strap ensures your toes can relax, allowing you to walk effortlessly throughout the day. Worried about the width of your foot? No problem. The strap is adjustable to suit your individual needs.

Our ultra-strong one-piece design eliminates the hassle of plugs and minimizes the likelihood of blowouts, making Archies Thongs durable companions for your everyday adventures.


Experience Archies at Completely Aligned

Ready to step into unparalleled comfort? Archies are available for purchase online or in person at Completely Aligned in Camden, Australia. Act now and indulge in the luxury of true support and style.

Not sure about your size? Fret not. Visit us, and we’ll ensure you find the perfect fit. Alternatively, check out these useful FAQs.  At Completely Aligned, we don’t just provide products; we offer an experience tailored to your well-being.

Take the next step toward comfort. Purchase your Archies Thongs online or visit us. Your feet will thank you.

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