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Discover the joys of parenting with the HAKERLILY HIPSURFER Hip Seat Baby Carrier & Bum Bag. Designed for zero strain and full convenience, this innovative carrier supports your child from newborn to toddler (0-3) years. With its easy-to-use feature and ample storage, embark on every journey with confidence and comfort.

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Parenting Made Easy: HipSurfer Baby Carrier & Bum Bag

Your Partner in Parenting Journey: Ease & Comfort

The HAKERLILY HIPSURFER Hip Seat Baby Carrier & Bum Bag revolutionizes how you carry, nurse, and soothe your child – from a newborn cuddle to toddler explorations. Imagine holding your little one with the reassurance that their weight is supported comfortably, minimizing back strain for you. This multi-purpose, durable carrier is designed for daily use, ensuring that every moment with your child is joyful and pain-free.


Effortless Usage: Say Goodbye to Complex Straps on your Baby Carrier

Gone are the days of fumbling with complicated carrier setups. The HipSurfer’s one-buckle wonder design allows for an easy, 15-second ready-to-soothe setup. The straightforward hop-on/hop-off feature ensures your child enjoys spontaneity in their exploration, offering a seamless transition from cuddles to independent play. With comfort and convenience at its core, both you and your baby will relish the freedom it brings to your daily adventures.


All-in-One Storage Solution: Travel Light, Carry Smart

Embark on outings with everything you need tucked neatly under your child. The HAKERLILY HIPSURFER isn’t just a carrier; it’s a mobile storage solution. With a large compartment for essentials (diapers, creams, travel wipes), a retractable bottle holder, and three extra pockets for your valuables (keys, wallet, phone), you’re equipped for any adventure, big or small. This innovative design ensures hands-free ease, making the HIPSURFER your go-to carrier for those treasured out-and-about moments with your little one.

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